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Thread: 74 260 ignition/startor HELP PLS!

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    Default 74 260 ignition/startor HELP PLS!

    I have a 74 260 z. She has had some troble with starting. I rebuilt her but the wireing is so back wards I literaly can't get it straight. It died on me on my way back from a dent. app. luckily i had a timing light in the car so i could tell the coil stoped getting power. So I ran a wire straight from the battery to the coil for about 45 miles until I found the EGR valve wire was running 6/8 volts and hooked it to the ignition coil. Having long ago removing the EGR entirely. Then a month later the starter just stops working, New starter btw, and rechecked. Tried to wire the seat belt safty togther and all I got was the relay by the fusible link next to the battery moaning like a virgin at jounior prom. I'm at the piont where i'm going to have to wing it to rewire the whole car compleatly I guess. Don't know what to do. starts up just fine when I "Bump" the starter with a screw-driver, but only with a compleat and full charge on the battery. Please any advice would help. Thank you!

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    My first suggestion is to make sure you have properly bypassed the seatbelt interlock relay. Search on here. I know I've done some posts on that. It can be as simple as putting in jumpers to fool the seatbelt circuit into thinking the seatbelts are buckled. If you are more adventurous, I have attached a drawing from the FSM showing what wires need to be jumpered out to bypass the interlock relays. However, you'll need to match this up to the full wiring diagram to know what wires to jumper.

    Can you post a picture of the relay that was chattering? I have found that there are variations in component placement in the 260Z that I haven't been able to account for by the early/late designations.
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