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Thread: Replace Magnet Valve Main Vaccum and Magnet Valve FICD

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    Default Replace Magnet Valve Main Vaccum and Magnet Valve FICD

    Sorry if this has been answered in the past. I'm new to the forum. Just bought a 1977 280Z. Runs great, but the air conditioner was overheating the magnet valve main vac. Played around and finally took it to a shop who recommended I replace both the magnet valve main vac and the magnet valve FICD but I'm not having luck finding those parts. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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    Salvage yard. All that does is give you idle-up when the AC is on, right? Can you dissassemble the valve (mounted on the vacuum tank) , clean it, lube it, put it back together and put some foil or sheet metal between it and the heat source?

    Can you just suck on the hose for the FICD actuator while engine is running and see if it works properly? Once I got rid of some old, brittle rubber hose with numerous cracks in it, mine worked fine. (ZX)

    Alternately you could "build" a replacement system, just scavenge any 12V vacuum solenoid off an old (e.g.) Subaru, TEST IT, and then plumb it in. Depending how the valve on the tank is "stuck" you might need a new vacuum tank as well. They come in a lot of shapes and sizes, the spherical ones hidden under the fenders on various GM's and Fords holds the most? least? vacuum in the smallest space. You might even find one of those with a solenoid already on it.

    Dang it, now I'm gonna spend all day wondering most vs. least... The most of a negative is the least,right?

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