i need help! i finally got my Z running with the dellortos, and she sounds cool!!!! however, one problem....

when i punch the gas, it bogs horribly bad and tries to stall. if i accelerate slowly, it works ok. both of these are under no load.

under load, around 2500-3000 rpm's it just stops accelerating and looses all power. if i put in the clutch and pump the gas, eventually she catches and then takes off like no tomorrow!

i believe the emulsion tubes are too lean for the application. does anyone know where to buy them or does anyone have some they'd be willing to sell??? i tried CB Performance in california. ordered tubes and filters. today, i just get filters and find out that they don't sell the tubes anymore! couldn't believe they actually let me order them to begin with if they didn't have them, or that they are listed on their site. i called them today, sounds like they've been out for a while. i've had probs with these guys with other orders, but they are the only ones i can find with dellorto parts you think they'd call to let you know the story beforehand, ya know?

does anyone have any suggestions?