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Thread: Show me what you have done with this hidden upgrade

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    Default Show me what you have done with this hidden upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my original AM/FM Radio in the console. I want to leave the original look in the console and put a remote IC stereo in the glove box - total seperate system to the original stereo in the car (so when you open the glove box there will be a total faceplate with the upgrade reciever in the entire space of the glovebox - all nicely tucked away out of site). I am looking at a Retrosound Digital Media Reciever with the IC cable to run the remote control so I can change songs - stations - MP3 - without opening the glove box. I am also planning on installing the black speaker panel from MSA.

    Has anybody done this install and if so how did the install work for you? I know I will have to support the reciever inside the glove box cavity and I'm sure the actual glovebox will have to come out for the install. Somebody may have already optimized this install in a different fashion that is even better - show me what you have completed - I'm looking for the best quality install - not the loudest - my ears are still ringing from the last KISS concert I went to back in the 80's!!

    I have already searched the archieves and did not find this type of install.

    Thanks in advance for your assist!
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    Since you are going the "remote" install route, why not mount the stereo under the seat. That way the glove box is still usable.

    That's what I did on my MGA roadster. Worked great. (with exception that there was no place to put decent speakers and all the wind noise).
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    Hmm, that is a cool idea. My PO installed a nice Alpine with a remote in place of the original radio. He kept the original radio, so I could easily do this while I've got my interior apart. Not sure I like that remote tho. I'd probably crash trying to run it.

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    I'd keep the glove box for what it's intended for... and, since there's not much space elsewhere to put "things" you will miss it when it's gone.

    Go for a decent pre-amp, amp, set up; the MSA speaker box with some high quality speakers and you will be delighted.

    I've got a McIntosh pre-amp in the dash, its power amp under the passenger seat, six component speakers and I can sit in the car all day just to listen to the music.

    Why you would need a remote in a Z is beyond me?????
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