The 3 most annoying hoses in your Z.

I know there are more complete posts out there on heater replacement.
I am posting this to pass on a modern alternative to the braided hoses for the heater. Unless you are going to Consourse, this is an available replacement you can get today at Autozone. That's usually when I need them. Now!

No parts store has anything listed for our old cars on this, you have to just eyeball them.

Here are the stock numbers:
Dayco A70785
Dayco B87653
Dayco B70873
This is on a 78 280Z, yours may be similar. They are 5/8 inch.

Original Hose shot:
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There is a third hose you cannot see in this pic.

Replacement Hoses From AZ.
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You will need to trim a little bit of excess from the new ones. I suggest you match them at the bends for best results.
I also went with new hose clamps, I hate those original wire clamps.
When you do this, take your time.

I would highly recommend you use a trashbag to line the floorboard to catch the coolant that drains out of the lines. Use a water bottle too. Also open the radiator cap and disconnect the heater hose in the engine compartment.

Remove the trim panel, Remove the glove box, remove the entire blower assembly box.
You dont have to take the fan off separately. Its 3 bolts and 2 electrical plugs and 1 vacuum line.
Remove the defrost vent horn. Now you can get to work.

Enjoy your leak free heat!