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Thread: Worth increase?

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    Default Worth increase?

    Hey guys, i got my 78 280Z a couple months back now, and i just want to know what my car was and will be worth.
    Ok, so the car has about 130,000km on it, body is in good condition (exept for the rear quarter panel, almost done bondo'ing it) the car runs, the inside is great but the dash has a crack in it. The drivers side door handle is broken, but im almost done that also. The floor panels are in great condition and it has the original louvres (spelling). The brakes need to be adjusted, but other than that the car runs good, the electrical looks good, just needs new fuses. So id i get an ok price for $450CAD?
    I am planning on a new cold air intake, PP, struts, springs and some other good stuff.
    So i am wondering, in the condition its in now, whats it worth?
    with the things im adding, what will it be worth?
    P.S dont hesitate to tell me i got screwed, its my first car!
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    Sounds like you did really well! Send good pictures and we can give you a good idea of what it is worth.
    Don't upgrade things to add dollar value-aftermarket upgrades seldom do. Upgraded to get the car to where you want it to be.
    Watch Ebay for a price.

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