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Thread: 76 280z ac motor blower help

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    Default 76 280z ac motor blower help

    Hey, my name is Amy Taylor. About 2 years ago I purchased a 76 280z. I love my baby!! I have had several problems, but I seem to have a great mechanic who loves her just as much as me.

    I have a question to anyone who might be able to help me. I have bought several fans for my ac motor blower.However they have all been cracked and end up shredding like the last one. Is ther anyone who knows how I can get a new or slightly used fan? Can I interchange years? I bought a new motor blower, but it didn't come with the fan.

    I live in Houston, and so far we have had numerous days reaching triple didgets. So you can understand how important this is!!

    Please, oh please...someone have mercy on my sweaty soul and give me the answer!!!

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    Hi Amy!

    There is a fan from a Ford LTD that is a popular retro-fit. It will fit in and has more of a flow. You can find more information on
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