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Thread: California Dreamin - 240 Style

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    Default California Dreamin - 240 Style

    Hey everyone - I've been a site lurker for a while but I am now getting ready to officially purchase my first Z. My nick comes from my first true car love - the R34 Skyline. I'm a product of my generation, what can I say? I've grown up quite a lot since then and added many cars to the wishlist, but an R34 is definitely a dream I am pursuing. When it comes to cars, I'm probably not much different than all of you wonderful Z fans... Give me some good music, ocean breeze and an open road and that's what makes me happy.

    I'm looking to get a Z that's in good condition, get it to Stage 0, and then do a few upgrades. Not looking for a serious racer, just something I can get a little speed from at occasional track days. I would like to get an F54 Block (love the siamese setup) and 5 speed from a 280ZX, Brakes (haven't decided on which ones), Replica Kobe Seiko Z432's, white front turn signals, air dam, BRE spoiler and finish it off with Dark Metallic Green paint (Paint codes for Datsun/Nissan Dark Greens would be great - and for reference, I love the Audi LZ6U).

    I'd love to hear your thoughts (for instance - how would you go about finding a good 28ZX engine), feedback, and any knowledge on reputable shops in Southern California!

    Happy driving.

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    In SoCal, try Les Cannady. He's a Datsun specialist.
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