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    New to the forum and looking for a solid car! I bought my first car when I was 15. It was an 83 280zx turbo. I got it all fixed up... Paint, interior, etc. A week before my 16th birthday my mom drove the car and said it was too fast! It sold almost immediately. I'm now 27 and have worked at Titan Motorsports and a few other hot rod shops. With my experience and connections, I'm ready to get back in the z game. I'm hoping I can find a solid 240/260. Preferably a driver so I can start having some fun right away! I'm in Melbourne, FL (close to Orlando). Hope I can learn a few things and share my experiences! Looks like a great forum.


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    Welcome. You've come to the right place. Your story reminds me of my mom & my 396 Chevelle. She asked to take it to the store, next thing I know she's back inside telling me to go get my car out of the street in front of our house. She got it out of the driveway but it scared her to death. So she parked it in the street. Then she's on my dad's case because he's the one that was supposed to force me to sell it. Long story short, he drove it & I still remember the GRIN on his face when he came back, & the hell he went through with her because he said I could keep the car. Thanks dad.
    You will recieve lots of help from this club. Great info & willing members.

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