i finally found a car for me. Its a 73 with round tops. anywho, i am planning to drop the gas tank and see whats inside. I expect it to be filled with sludge and rust and who knows what else. From searching and reading the forum for the last few months i know all about the options of gas tank renu, por15 kit, or having a radiator shop boil the tank. However, i havent seen any one talk about prices for a new used tank. ZnZX in houston claims to have several used tanks in excellent condition for sale. What would yall expect the going rate for a gas tank to be? i assume, since most people seem to spend 100-150 to get their tank boiled a new used excellent condition tank should be significantly more expensive. No one answered at znzx when i called to ask about prices and what "excellent" condition really means.

Also, i expect i will need to replace the vent hoses as well. Of course msa sells them for an arm and leg so i am looking for alternatives. i assume fuel rated hoses from the auto parts store should work just as well as the msa replacement hoses. I have read about the bent hose problem but i will find a way to get around it. Could someone provide me with what size hose and how long i need for all the vent hoses? I would like to get all the hoses/equipment i need before i start on the project and drop the tank.