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Thread: OT-Take a ride with the SoCal Roadsters

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    Default OT-Take a ride with the SoCal Roadsters

    Last Thursday I got a call from a new roadster owner, who lived by me. He was interested in meeting a roadster owner or 2 from our area. We set up a meeting time (Sat midmorning) and location (Bob's Big Boy in Glendale). After the call I posted a "Whoever is interesed" posting on the roadster mailing list. I really didn't expect to get much response. Imagine my suprise and delight when no less than 10 roadsters showed along with 2 RHD JDM SSS Bluebird Coupes! Maybe it was the fact that it was a perfect SoCal-topless-sportscar day.

    We did the usual "compare details" B.S. session that would boor a non Datsun-ite to tears, ate our hamburgers and then got antsy for a drive. So we drove up to the summit of Mt. Wilson to see the entire L.A. Metropolis at once. Driving up the fast twisties of Angeles Crest Highway is one of my favorite drives so I was game!

    We had a wonderfull time! And it's my fault that I didn't invite some of you guys. I really had no idea it would develop into a true Datsun event! I brought my new, fancy Canon digital camera, but did the typical Victor-BoneHead move by leaving the battery in the charger at home! But one of the attendees brought his and he uploaded the photos on the classicfairlady site today - enjoy
    Glendale meet photos
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    Very nice!

    Did anyone get any photos of the bluebirds.....I'd be very interested to see them.

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