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Thread: Show off your vehicle on the Discovery Channel's Turbo Website

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    Default Show off your vehicle on the Discovery Channel's Turbo Website


    I am a producer with the Discovery Channel and I wanted to let you know about some new features on our Turbo Website, which is about automobiles, motorcycles, boats and airplanes.

    We recently started a new feature at the website which allows visitors to submit a photo of their automobile or motorcycle to our Daily Ride blog. Once we put the photo of your vehicle on the site other visitors can vote on it and once a month the vehicle with the most votes will be featured on Turboís homepage: If you decide to participate youíll want to let your friends and family members know so that they will drop by and vote on your ride. To submit your photo, visit

    The other new feature is Amazing cars. The blog is written by auto expert Roger Hardnock and is about new and exciting cars as well as classic cars. You can visit Rogerís blog here:

    You might also find some of the other features on the site interesting, as there is a lot of video, games and a variety of other interactive content that you can explore, including some cool wallpaper for your desktop. Check it out:

    Feedback is always welcomed, so if you have any suggestions for future content you would like to see on the site please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you.


    Team Turbo at Discovery

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    Cool website!

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