Taken from the latest VORRA newsletter. ( not many will know what that is )

Wheel travel: The amount of miles a person covers when searching for parts.
Shocker: A very average looking race car.
Superdiff: Imaginary super hero with the powers to hold a Kombi gearbox together.
Running light: The last thing you see in the dust before running into something.
Rack: What your arms feel like they have been on when you have no power steering.
Roll cage: A tubular structure to house animals.
Turbocharger: Same to Superdiff as kryptonite to superman.
Sump: Area to collect metal objects during engine failure.
Dynameter: Machine to add undue stress to engine without stressing many other vehicle components.
Reliability: Very sort after item ( cannot be bought with money alone)
Top gear: The gear you are usually in just before the vehicle lands on its top.
Wrist restraint: Used to stop occupants of vehicle punching each other with both fists.
Nerf bar: Not the local watering hole of little blue cartoon characters.
Trailing arms: What Neanderthal's had.
Finish: When the vehicle stops whether you intended it to or not.
3rd place: When the vehicle stops a little later than you intended it to.
Trophy: Proof of when the vehicle stopped.
Earthmover: Fully sponsored race car owner.
Cabinetmaker: As above.