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Thread: 200MPH! It will make you laugh

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    Default 200MPH! It will make you laugh

    Was watching Nexflix and came across a movie called 200MPH. Its about street racing. It also mentioned in the description that the featured car was going to be a 280Z. so I figured I would watch it to see how they were going to make a 280Z a street racer. Turns out, there is a misprint in the description and the featured cars in the movie are a 370Z and a GTR.

    This is one of the worst street racing movies I have ever seen and you will laugh from start to finish. A really cheap copy of F&F. Has anyone else seen this movie? I don't watch a lot of Netflix so this could be old news

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    Art - I've had the misfortune to have watched that same movie... The comments on the 370z were totally made-up...

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