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Thread: Parts Interchangability

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    Talking Parts Interchangability

    Can any one point me to a source that describes what body parts from other year Z's are interchangeable with my 1972? I've noticed that a number of aftermarket places simply list fenders, doors, hoods, etc as for 70 - 78. Does this mean all parts will interchange between these years? My doors are completly rusted out on the bottom and a friend has several 280's from different years and has offered to sell me parts off them if they will work. Thanks.

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    Nearly all the body parts are interchangeable. However, even though the doors do fit, you will find that the later 280's had a different door latch mechanism.

    There are patch panels available from MSA for about 35 bucks each, but you will need to have them installed by someone that is a good welder and body person if you can't do them yourself.
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