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Thread: Newby from the Yookay :) 280zx bodykit question

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    Default Newby from the Yookay :) 280zx bodykit question

    Dudes, nice to be here, I'm from the other side of the pond and recently purchased my '81 280zx in red - I'll try to post up some pics soon.

    Anyways it's got the MSA kit on it atm, which I'm not too fond of. The rear bumper sticks out too much whereas I prefer the flat short finish and same with front. Question is are there any companies out there doing 240z/260z style bumpers. I also want the chrome bumpers at the front and rear and am thinking of borrowing these from a similar sized car as they are nigh impossible to get from here!

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    The MSA bodykit is a comprimise of keeping the stock bumpers but compressing the dampners to pull the steal bumper in. If you want some sort of chrome bumper it's going to have to be custom and it's going to be very expensive. Possibly having something fabricated from polished stainless steel heavy gauge sheet metal is probably the best comprimise. Getting something fabed up then having it chrome plated is going to be very expensive. You might want to check the shaved rear end on the S130. There are quite a few examples once you start searching around.

    Honestly it would be way cheaper to get a body shop to modify the fiberglass front end to your specifications than to do the bumpers....

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