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Thread: 1983 280zx, Sell or Rebuilt Transmission?

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    Default 1983 280zx, Sell or Rebuilt Transmission?

    I have an 83' 280zx Coupe. I've had the brakes and power steering pump rebuilt. Its does not have original paint, the previous owner had a mask job done. The interior is in great shape and the engine runs smooth at 190,000 miles. The manual transmission has just started to go - need synchro replaced. It still drives, but you have to shift a bit gently between 1st and 2nd.

    My question for fellow Z enthusiasts, is will it be worth it for me to have the transmission replaced or just try to sell this "as is"? I'm interested in purchasing a different Z car, but am not sure there is a market for a Z with failing transmission. Any advice on this?

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    Sell it "as is" - it would cost $650.00 or more to have the tranny pulled and rebuilt - but doing that would not make the car worth an Additional $650.00 to anyone. Let next owner address the tranny problem - and that way he'll know for sure what has been done..

    Carl B.

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    Have you changed or even checked the fluid recently?

    Redline MT90 alone, or a blend of ATF and Swepco 201 transmission fluid (50/50 or 25/75) has "fixed" synchro problems, or bought some time, for me. The fluid can have a big impact on synchro performance. Might be worth a try, for about $30 + labor.

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