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Thread: Relief tip for fixing thermo control heater valve NLA

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    Smile Relief tip for fixing thermo control heater valve NLA

    After trying to get a new unit from the dealer & all the local parts places & internet ; the heater control valve that operates with a vacuum diapram for the 74 to 78 with air conditioner is no longer available! Only MSA & VB have them in their cat. but backordered when I called . So I decided to look for an o-ring gasket to replace the old stock one that was leaking antifreeze all over the passenger side carpet. Found one at harware store for .30 cents but it still leaked a bit because it was the donut style & did not quite seal very well. I called around & found the right gasket just down the street from me at a diesel repair shop. Those guys gave it to me for free. It works great now & no leaks finally. What a relief & big savings of about $100 , no more smelly antifreeze, wet carpet, or rusting floor pans & best of all there is heat in the cabin & I can defog the windows at night so I could see out the windsheild! Hope this post will help other z car owners with the same problem. I got a lot of help from the all the old posts & wanted to pass this on. Thanks again everybody.
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    Hi larsz,

    I just put my name on the backorder list at MSA. They are out of them in the US and have to have them shipped in from Japan...for $260.00 now!
    I have been looking for options while I wait for the part (due in April) hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I'll check out my gasket tonight...I may have a question for you about the replacement gasket that worked for you.

    Thank$$$ for the tip!
    Throw me a friken bone...need the info.

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    I bypassed my control valve 3 years ago when it started leaking.

    Since then the copper tube broke off, but I guess I could fix that if needed. I still get heat and cold air, just not everywhere (heat on the windsheild, and at the feet, cool air through front vents). I also have less hoses underneath the dash, so I'm not worried, and there's less to go wrong.

    That just means the coolant runs throught the heater core all the time. Works for me.

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