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Thread: L24 worth?

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    Default L24 worth?

    Hey guys, as you may have read in my first post, when we first bought my 280z, previous owners put a l24 engine in it. Since then we put a new correct l28 in it. I was curious how much you guys think it might be worth? It's sitting in our garage now, but the last time it was ran which was this summer, the headgasket blew so that will need to be replaced, it has nothing on it either so no carburators or exhaust manifold. It did have great compression though, 165-170 on all 6 cylinders. My dad I were kind of wondering how much it would be worth in this condition and if it would even be worth putting on Ebay?

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    Depending on what year engine it is . One form a '73 that has 9mm bolts on the rods . Some that are building a stroker engine look for a set of these rods. If the engine is as you say with good compression you might fine someone that has a 240 with a blown engine . If you can get $75.00 to $100.00 don't expect much more. Gary
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