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Thread: Which project to do first?

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    Default Which project to do first?

    Ok, so. Here is a dilemma.

    I have to pull the head off to replace a gasket. While I am in there, I want to port the valves for 280z valves, new rockers, lobs, and springs, stage II or III cam, new pumps all around, alternator conversion and a little electrical work under the dash.
    I will end up leaving the motor in the car while I work on all of this.

    Now, should I do that, or get a paint job first?
    They both are big ticket items and with the paint job, I want the engine bay painted.

    I will only have enough to do one or the other. I could pull the motor out myself before the paint job, but that would be kind of pointless because I wouldn't have any money to work on the engine.

    If I do the engine, I would be able to drive my Datsun around once again, but if I get the paint job, I won't have to worry about rust as much. I have a few rust spots that need attention before they turn into cancer. Plus the last paint job on it was BS. Just a really bad job.

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    With the choices you listed, I would do the engine work first then paint the car. That way you don't take a chance on scratching the new paint job while doing the engine work. I don't know how good of a job they can do painting the engine bay with the engine in place, FWIW. Good luck.
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