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Thread: More Respect for Zs in the UK

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    Default More Respect for Zs in the UK

    I do a lot of flying around the world, and while it has lost its romance it does still provide a lot of time to read. I picked up the November issue of Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (a UK publication where most of the cars have the steering wheel on the wrong side) and buried in the middle of the magazine is a really nice article on a 70' 240. Looks like both their appreciation and values for the Z over in the UK is on the rise. As it notes in the article, "there's a strong market for such cars now that the old snobbery against Japanese cars is subsiding as a new generation finds out for itself just how special the 240Z is".

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    I'm sure that due to a smaller supply of cars over there, they probably pay a premium for repair and parts. As for the snobbery part, I think it was really a jealousy part: when the Z was introduced, it was faster, handled better, looked better, was more reliable and was cheaper than all the Brittish sprorts cars of the time. The Z ushered in a new era...

    I love MGs, Triumphs, Austin Healeys (sp?) and so on, but to me, the Z has always deserved more acclaim from non Z owners than it has received.

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