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Thread: A general thank you

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    Default A general thank you

    I started ro do a "minor" refresh (originally just a good clean up, replace some bushings and prep for paint) on my 75Z and having been at it now for 2 months have gotten into more stuff than originally thought I would do. I have now done both frame rails (rusted out) drivers floor pan (totally rusted out), fixed rusted out inner front fenders, all new bushings, new weatherstripping, pulled the motor and tranny, removed all the interior and started prepping for new paint. All of this done with major help from reading and studying these forums, so thank you to each and everyone who contributes, there is an amazing amount of knowledge located here. I will post a pic when finally done. Again Thank You all.

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    I agree the people on these forums have been a HUGE help to me and I have only been here a month or so! If I ever meet any of you I'll definitely buy you a beer! Really though thanks to all of you on this forum, you keep the dream of the Z alive!
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