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    I am unable to locate a muffler for my 72 240Z. The local NAPA store and foreign auto parts store says they cannot get one for me. Any suggestions for a source for the muffler. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    George Murtha

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    There is a guy in Arizona. His name is Greg the company is called "Clarkzcars" he is the best around in my personal opinion. His number is 1 800 373 2532. or look ata hemmings motor news it the best. THis guy Greg is a great guy to talk to just about z questions, he knows everything! tell him Dave from Michigan sent you

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    I had the same problem in florida. Ended up chosing the ferrari vertical two-up tail pipes and the headers. Worked very well. did not distract from the Z-sound but more of a "purr".
    Need to watch out for ground clearance though.
    I will do the same configuration on me next Z car.

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