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Thread: Will a 240z fuel tank fit my 1975 280?

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    Default Will a 240z fuel tank fit my 1975 280?

    Hi my 1975 280's tank is shot I have a 240 tank that seems to not fit.Is there a difference the spare tire well seems in the way.Also the fI has been removed 2/2barrel webbers.Any help would be great.Todd
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    The 280 tank is the same general shape but is larger than the 240 tank. The spare tire wells are the same. It can "fit", but your biggest challenge is the inlet and outlet piping are smaller, the vents are slightly different (you have to plug and abandon the far one on the driver side) and the 240 tank has much less baffling, not an ideal thing for fuel injection. If you get it installed, try to keep it above 1/3 full when ever possible to avoid sloshing that might expose the pickup.

    I have a 280 tank in my 240, and it was tight fit, but it was pretty easy. you see more of it hanging down, and the strap spacing isn't quite the same as the grooves in the tank on the driver side.
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