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Thread: L24 head swap question

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    Default L24 head swap question

    Ok guys I currently have a l28 that's seized. I will rebuild the motor later on. So I purchased a good l24 with e88 head. My question is can I swap heads (n47) into the l24 so I do t have to buy xtra parts to make the car run.? Do I have to modify anything so this can work ?

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    ]Word is that the valves might nick the edge of the cylinders, if the cylinder edges are not relieved where the valves pass by. Also, there are, apparently, several different versions of the E88 head. You would want similar combustion chamber sizes to get a similar CR.

    Why do you want to swap heads?
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    It will work, but there are some things you need to consider before you do that.

    The differences are:
    Early E88 head (Jan to Aug 71) has 42.4 cc chambers, Later E88 have 44.7cc or 44.8cc.
    N47 has 44.6 so you will see a little difference in CR if you have an early head.
    Note the L28 has dished pistons. Thats why its chambers are simmilar to the E88.

    You will need to notch the cylinders to use the N47 head because the inlet valve will hit the top of the cylinder. The N47 has 44mm instead of 42mm in the E88.

    You will also need an exhuast manifold with round ports. The E88 has square ports and the N47 changed to round. The N47 uses a liner in the exhaust port for emmisions.

    Why do you want to change the head or is it because of the exhaust manifold? Might be easier to just get another manifold.

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