You've probably already seen all the recap info from Dave down a few posts with lots and lots of details about the upcoming issue. We know you'll love it - there are so many terrific features, projects, tech, and much more inside that it'll prove to be another great read.

If you've already seen the details, terrific! Please check out to see the cover and table of contents, and let me know what you think! Also, please note that in order to get the new Spring 2008 issue and avoid the $1.95 shipping charge, order by SUNDAY, March 30. Call 505-771-2374 or visit to subscribe or renew; the magazine will be in most Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Hastings bookstores in mid/late April.

Besides - if you subscribe or renew, I'll know that you guys actually read the stuff that I post up here, and that will fill me full of joy!