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    I've got 700 miles on my fresh motor and decided it was going to stay together after all, my first build on L motor. The sun shined down and a 928 with a younger guy with blue sunglasses was looking over at a stop light. After shifting to 3rd he had enough and backed off. Big ole smile on my face and my dog, Jelly, seemed to like it too. Gotta figure out a seat belt for her. Anybody know of something?

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    Actually there are alot of options for Jelly, I googled "Dog Saftey" and found one for Ruger (my Rottie) He's not allowed in the Z though. It has two anchors that attach to the lap belt portion of the Toyota truck's belt and that connects to a chest harness. I don't recall who makes it, but it keeps him off my lap, allows enough freedom for him to poke his head out the window (great for passing bikers) and will keep him off the dash if I crash.

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