For anybody that lives in or near Lexington Ky there is an SCCA region here. My dad and I own a 1973 240z that we have raced for four years. There have only been two other Z cars that have ever shown up to race in those four years. In other words I would love to see more of these cars show up to run. We have an autocross on Nov. the 2 at the Applebee's Stadium where the Legends Play. If anybody would like to run just show up.

ps. I read the stuff about a Z beating a Z06. We reguraly beat a Corvette that runs in our class. It's great to be in a 30 year old car and still outrun most of the entire field of cars.

pps. If anybody knows how to properly tune Weber DGV please give me a clue. We can always use the extra power.