Whether converting rally entry fees into prizes or saloon car fans to sports car travel the Datsun 240Z has a large following all over the world which is likely to grow here once it starts being imported in quantity later this year. Among its rally successes are outright wins on the Safari and the Welsh, plus a fantastic fifth overall en the Monte Carlo Rally.
In view of the interest these have aroused, we asked Tony Fall if we could borrow his rally car for a few days. This was arranged by courtesy of Old Woking Service Station, who have prepared and maintained the car since it arrived here.
This particular car has quite a history as 240Zs go, for it was first of all a development car built right-hand-drive in Japan before the RAC Rally last year and shipped to England. After quite a lot of testing, it was still in good enough condition to be offered to John Bloxham for the rally itself and the Cadwell rallycross afterwards. It was then revamped for the Monte Carlo recce, and after two months of that it got pressed into service as a service car. When it was decided to lend it to Tony Fall for some rallies over here, it was taken over from Datsun's operation centre in Brussels to Old Woking where Ron Hicks and his men did a complete strip and rebuild of car and engine. The car went out and won the Welsh, and was leading the Scottish when the gearbox failed; since then it has been used only for the Castrol Rallypoint by Tony. It still had Long Marston mud hanging beneath it when we picked it up from Old Woking.

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