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  1. My '77 Z Coupe dies on the road when I see the tach jumping between Redline and Zero

    This has happened at 50 MPH and when slowing down at a redlight. The tach goes crazy and then the car quits.

    If the car is moving, it restarts itself.... when I slow down for a redlight and it...
  2. Tnanks - but I found one with Pins.

    Tnanks - but I found one with Pins.
  3. thanks!!!! I'll take it..... do you do paypal...

    thanks!!!! I'll take it..... do you do paypal or should i send you a money order........

  4. Need an enblem for 280z Hatch - the "280Z" emblem

    Took a trip to town today and realized when I got home that the "280Z" emblem in the bottom passenger corner of the hatch back was gone.

    I an trying to sell my car so I need to get one of these...
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    Need Appraiser for '77 280Z in Atlanta

    Well, I think its been about 3 years and I finally got my car like I like it but several hearts attacks have slowed me down and it is time for me to get my car appraised so I can put it up for sale....
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    "Melted Wire" - - - -

    I should have said that one of the wiring harness connectors had burned out, meaning that the male/female had loosend over the years so that when current was run through there is sort of "arched" and...
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    Thanks to Dave and Steve my lights are working

    My switches were gone and then we found a melted wire using Steve's diagrams.

    Thanks guys!!!!!
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    '77 280z headlights wiring diagram

    I've got the shop manual for my car that has a wiring diagram in it but was wondering if anyone knew of a better (easier to read) headlights wiring diagram for my '77 280z 5-speed....

    I replaced...
  9. Thermotine Switch option?

    Hey Z Tyler - Mine ran at 11 MPG for the longest and we found that the Thermotine Switch had been wired backwards by the prev owner. It was corrected and I am up to 18 MPG now. Next for me, I will...
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    In good hands now

    Dave Irwin and I are talking now and I am in good shape -

    Thanks Rick Q for the connection!
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    Hey Bruce -

    Didn't use to be a problem but the Revenuers are watching me very close since my grandpa's glory days in the mountains.
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    Part Needed - does anybody have one?

    Mine is a '77 280z coupe and I need the dimmer/blinker arm/switch.

    I called Black Dragon and they have one for $600. Right now I have no head lights til I get one these.

    Thanks for any help!
  13. Well these were not replaced as they are still...

    Well these were not replaced as they are still the ones that were on the car when I bought it two years ago. Any suggestions?

    I am also getting slow response in 2nd gear as the accerlation...
  14. I'll be interested in the results .....

    I've replaced every hose and sensor known to man in my car and only get
    18.5 mpg on the highway.
  15. Thanks SteveJ

    Appreciate you taking the time to dig for this infor for me!
  16. Cool - SteveJ - I'll wait for your reply back...

    Cool - SteveJ - I'll wait for your reply back with the link.
  17. Thanks SteveJ for the info - (I was talking...

    Thanks SteveJ for the info -

    (I was talking about cutting sturucture of the door - don't want to do that - but maybe I got the wrong siize locks for my car.....)
  18. Any recommendations for remote door locks?

    Mine is a '77 280z coupe. I bought a set for remote door locks from Summit but they were too large so I am back to ground zero looking for a remote door lock solution.

    Wanting to see if anyone has...
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    Yes this is the correct and recommended solution....

    Yes this is the correct and recommended solution.

    I also had a lock smith re-do all my locks to work off one key,
  20. Thread: help!

    by jthill3
  21. 1977 Datsun 280z with 454 Chevy Engine - $18000

    Saw this today on Craig's List and was wondering what folks thought....
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    Need to find a trim part...

    I have a 77 280z coupe and need to find the black interior trim pieces that cover the steering column.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    My stock '77 280x wheels are bent....

    Is there any other 14" regular wheel that will fit that I could use?

    I'd rather not use racing wheels or mags, etc or go bigger.

    Just a plan 14" wheel that I can use my 280z hub caps on.

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    Thanks Arne!!!

    Thanks so much!!!
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    Original wheel size for 1977 280Z Coupe?

    Sorry guys but I searched through threads here but only found sizes for changing the wheel size.

    What was the original wheel size for a '77 coupe? Just the plain wheels that came out in...
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