Hi all, This is a shout out to Bruce Palmer for his help with a carb problem. Somehow or other after installing a Carter electric fuel pump on my ZX engine swap, my front carb started spewing gas from the float bowl. It was not coming out the vent pipe. I traced it to a bad float bowl gasket. I have since added a fuel pressure regulator. Bruce went out of his way to help diagnose the problem and to send me new gaskets and the little barrel-type filters which I received in short order. He told me to send him a check for what "I thought it was worth". The carb is repaired and all is well in Z-land for me. If you are even thinking about ZTherapy carbs you should do it. Not only are they great carbs, but the after service is above and beyond. Bruce and Steve are honest gentlemen and their business is run that way, plus, Bruce has a very funny sense of humor. Once again, thanks Bruce and Steve.
Cheers, Mike Gard