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Thread: A confession from a non-mechanic.....

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    Red face A confession from a non-mechanic.....

    Some of you may have read my post from a few months back asking for help regarding my '77 280z only getting 12mpg. I also had a bad issue with fumes in the car.

    This wasn't right so I dropped a note here to get suggestions.

    I got a lot of condolences but the best reply was "You've got a hole somewhere".....

    Sure enough - my fuel injectors and connections were spewing raw gas on the engine.

    While I was feeling relieved to know what the problem was, I was feeling pretty stupid after chasing the more "scientific" cause like heat sensor, air flow, computer, etc.

    So this confessional is to let everyone know that some of us on this message board are so green, but we truely appreciate the help you guys provide.

    Happy Holidays

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    Thanks for the update! Don't worry about being 'green'. Fact is that we all were at one time! You will ripen nicely with experience. The great thing here is that the forum members are always willing to help, and there isn't much finger wagging.
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    I agree, when I bought my Z last year, I was dayglo green
    I have ripened to a darker shade of green now. I didnt even know what the fuel injectors looked like! Thanks to many on here, most notably Sblake01, I can find my way around the engine bay now. Even to the point of knowing most of the parts and troubleshooting issues. I still have a long way to go but this site and its users are 2nd to none!
    Now all I need to do is find about 4-5 thousand more $$ and a few hundred hours to get it finished! Can someone nominate me for Overhaulin'
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    My 'green' days started to fade at a young age since I have an older brother that is quite mechanically inclined. I hung around him while he was working on cars from the time I was about 10 or 11. The second car I ever owned was a Datsun 510 and I applied what I absorbed from him and honed my skills (such as they are) on that car. I've spent more time on the EFI Datsuns than any of the other cars I've owned. I guess in all that time a person is bound to learn something if only by accident.
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