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Thread: Changing Alternator with York Air Compressor

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    Default Changing Alternator with York Air Compressor

    Hello, on my '72 I found out that I've got a bad alternator, so i've picked up a rebuilt replacement, the only problem... the dealer installed york air compressor. The problem I have is how to remove the old one and get the replacement in place. From the back i've got the support brace from the bottom of the compressor to the motor mount and in the front its the radiatior, etc. Now about the A/C system... it's not currently hooked up, I'm missing the idler pulley, but the system appears fine, i'm giving it a 50/50 shot at working, no oil seeping from the compressor and all is still intact. The switch under the dash still engages the clutch... so I don't want to remove the A/C untill I am shure its junk. What is the best way to remove the old alternator??? Thanks, Todd
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    I saw this on Mythbusters... and i'm pretty shure it blows up...

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    Hi Todd, Tough room,advise is free metal costs money and you may be at this crossroad but this upgrade might transform you S30 into a more enjoyable ride;,

    First,scrap the York,although the clutch will engage odds are the system went inop when the r-12 freon leaked, probably the hoses using clamps or the evaporator which has exceeded it's mechanical limits.Superior Air offers a r134 system with mountings which has a perfect fit evaporator,a/c switch,updated compressor and only requires 2 hoses to be slightly modified.

    Second,scrap that wimpy externally regulator alternator for the ZX internally regulated unit,throw the regulator in the trash (unless your a purist and AM radio is the only electric load you require),call motorsports and buy the $20 diode which will allow the engine to turn off when you kill the ignition,it plugs into the OE connector perfectly.This will allow you to add electric fan,a real tuner and amp,foglights ect....all the stuff real sport cars enjoy on road trips.
    Then when your ready for the Mikuni triples you'll have plenty of amps to push the electric fuel pump. Good Luck with the upgrade
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