help me please!!!

I'm in urgent need of a short drive shaft from a 280ZX. I'm sorry i'm not able to give you exact model details, but I'll describe it best I can.

Its a CV joint shaft. The total length (without the witches hat cover) is 510mm. to measure that I stood the shaft on the diff end, compressed the shaft into the inner cv, and let the outer part of the outer CV drop down to expose the end of the shaft and the race. I measured fromt he ground to the top of the spring seat which is on the outer end of the shaft. (so not to the end of the cover.

on the inner end, the flat section where the oil grooves are is 40mm long (i'm told there are different ones of them as well)

I had another one sent up to me, but it measures 530, and is too long. obviously the 510 was a tight fit. So, if you have such a beast you can part with, please give me a call. 02 8868 6706 or 0408 622 840. otherwise, if you know what the different shafts are out of and how to identify the right model etc, any info you can give me will help.

I'm racing the car on the weekend, and can't do it without this.