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Thread: 240 - 260 Fastener Sizes and Lists

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    Default 240 - 260 Fastener Sizes and Lists

    I started looking in the cabinets and motorcycle race trailer today to see what sizes of Helicoils and/or Time-Serts and various other metric nuts, bolts, etc I happened to have on hand. Why? Well, you know... just in case I am doing some work on the Z and I come across something that has been over-wrenched, chiseled, stripped, or just I case I "accidentally" bugger one - it has happened before !

    I looked in my 260Z Factory Service Manual and in various " How to Restore..and How to ReBuild.. your Datsun Z" to see if it had any listings of the most common - as well as the most unique and otherwise un-replaceable- metric fasteners that Datsun used when assembling these Z's. No listing except a few torque specs and some fastener discussion in the Restore book.
    Googled and of course searched here but nothing found.

    I have a variety of Grade 5 and Grade 9 stuff around and about enough Factory Yamaha bagged fasteners to build a motorcycle - but no specific Datsun bolts, pins, screws, clips, etc. And there is plenty of Kroil and anti-ssize and I know how to use it .

    Does anybody have a list or a link? And what is the most used during the repair when you are working? I assume that most are metric coarse threads but are there some fine thread pieces, taps, etc that I might need. It sure is nice to have them on hand because if not it could take hours - or days - to go source the repair or replacement items. I do have a 1981 ZX over in the buddies storage lot to go get from but it is across town and who knows what shape its bolts etc may be in. Besides I might "need" those too!

    Any ideas and comments on this for spares, re-threads, helicoils etc??
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