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Thread: Which muffler for my application?

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    Default Which muffler for my application?

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a muffler to suit my car. The exhaust as it currently stands is a wrapped 6 to 1 MSA (or clone, it's off a junkyard car) header, and a 2.5" pipe from the header back.

    I like the sound of this quite a bit:
    Honda CBX 1000

    I'm not sure whether that'll be possible while maintaining my neighborhood tranquility, though.

    So, the impossible dilemma: is there a relatively quiet muffler that gives that sort of sound?
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    Typically the performance motorcycle pipes (mufflers) that I've seen are more like the perforated tube style resonators. The Stainless pipe on my bike is that style. You might run a glass-wrap perforated tube style muffler, like a Dynomax Ultra-flo welded, or double up on the perforated tube glass packs.

    Those can arguably replicate the type of exhausts you see on the bike. I have no doubt it will sound great, however, you'll be lucky if you can make a 240Z sound like a CBX. It's a completely different engine, 6 carbs, cross-flow head, twin cams, probably a different firing order, less displacement, etc.
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    contact Sebring Tuning for a muffler to suit your needs....
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    I love my Turbo Muffler. It's a Raptor Turbo Muffler, similar to the Cherry Bomb Turbo. 2.5" in and 2.5" out. The inlet is offset like stock.

    Here's a couple soundbites....
    Second video down on the right. Titled "240Z New Exhaust" Can't post a link cause it contains the letters D I C K in the code.

    The exhaust has since mellowed out a bit due to build up in the pipe and muffler but everybody says they like it. Also, my exhaust sound was used in the Forzamotorsport 2 game on Xbox 360. My name is in the credits in the "Special Thanks To" area of the game.

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