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Thread: headers are thinner then intake manifold

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    Default headers are thinner then intake manifold

    I bought used headers for my 260z and they seem to line up. The head is square exhaust ports so are the headers. The problem is the intake manafold is 1/2 inch thick and the headers are 1/4 inch thick. How does this work with the circle piece that holds both of these down and together.

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    That appears to be a common problem with some headers. See this thread for example:

    I know it is from 2004, but the "solution" seems to be that you need to make or find stepped washers to make up the difference in height.
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    You need "Half Moon" spacers. It's basically a 1/2" thick washer, with 1/2 of the circle diameter shaved to 1/4". The 1/4" part is for the intake manifold side and the 1/2" side would be for the header side.

    I had to use those on the 71' Z that I used to have. Worked like a charm.
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