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Thread: Engine Cutting Out Sporadically

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    Default Engine Cutting Out Sporadically

    Here is a mystery. The car is an early 71 that is essentially stock, but I run a header and a Mallory dual point mechanical-only distributor.

    It starts great every morning and runs well for about hour. Then I get a stalling effect. It is as if one turns the key off and then quickly back on. It happens once or twice at first but then gets more frequent as I go along. I had this problem before and replaced the positive and negative connectors at the coil and it went away. Now it is persistent.

    By the way, it only affects the engine voltage does not drop, the lights do not dim, etc. when it occurs.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I had something like that happen to mine. The problem was the wire going to the dizzy would short on the exhaust manifold. I have since re-routed the wire to keep it way from the exhaust manifold. Just a thought. Also, check the terminal fits on the contacts for the entire ignition system (wires going to resistor and coil). Make sure they are clean and snug.

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