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Thread: Battery Tray Advice

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    Default Battery Tray Advice

    Hey guys, long time no-post.

    Well this weekend I'm finally tackling a project I've been meaning to do for a year or so. The dreaded battery tray!

    I've attached pictures and would like advice about how to tackle it. I rad the threads about rust treatment and I have a whole kit of POR-15 products: marine clean, metal ready, POR-15 and am prepared to go that route if you think that'd be best. I've never used the stuff before but it definitely seems doable and I know many of you sing the praises of POR-15.

    What I'd like to know is if someone thinks I should go about this differently. Does it necessitate a professional? Is POR-15 not ideal for this? Is there a different product I should use? Do I need to cut the cancer out?

    Thanks guys!
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    I'm SURE someone will argue with me at some point but here's my take....

    How well do you wann protect it? I ask becasue you have a few choices here.
    #1, a much more involved procces would be to use a spot-weld cutter and completely remove the Battery tray. This out of the way will allow you to completely treat the area and the tray seperately.

    #2 would be to get in there with small wire brushes and scrapers to remove as much scale (anything other than smooth) surface rust. With that done and many bloody knuckles, then you can start treating the affected areas.

    Either way, tape off any areas that you don't want treated or affected by the Por15 or the Cleaners and degreaser. Follow the instructions as usual, wear gloves, keep the Por15 in an AIR TIGHT jar after opening and Don't get any on the lip or threads of the jar. (I use a pickle jar, poored mine in last wintr and it's STILL usable today)

    Give it 24 hours to dry then Paint according to taste or preference. Now that they make better battery's that don't sweat like older units, you'll be safer and know that the problem is Less likely to occur again.

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    I agree with Dave in that there is more than one way to skin a cat but either method above you choose (tray in or tray out) I would blast it with a medium grit coal slag. You will want to cover everything with a 3-6 mil plastic sheeting and tape off the area so you can see where you are working. I would even go as far as making a tent of sorts to deflect the slag back towards the ground.

    If you go this route you might not have to remove the tray depending on how small your blasting nozzle is and if you can get it angled underneath the tray.

    As for the POR, you can apply a second coat as it is tacking off (read the directions) and if you are lucky enough to have it be a hot, humid, sticky day it will dry pretty quickly and you will get the best results.

    Good luck and don't be a stranger.


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