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    Wink introducing myself

    hi my name is phil and im 21 i just bought a 1983 280zx, it does have a turbo in it but idk if its factory or not. it was barley working when i got it but its running a little smoother got the fluids changed, car washed, replaced the air filter, going to replace the rotors and pads, need to replace the fuel lines and need to clean the fuel injectors but other than that engine is good and transmission is good. tell me what u think!

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    Phil, you are going to love your ZX Turbo they can be rocket ships. You said that you were not sure if it was a factory engine or not. Look at the numbers cast in the head. If is a P-90 or P-90A it is a turbo head P-79 it is a NA head. Sounds like you are on the right track. I am not a ZX guy I drive a 240 but like all these cars , when they age they need some care. If it was my car , I would replace all the rubber fuel hoses. Make sure you buy the correct rated hoses. Also replace all the vacuum hoses as well. Then if you have a problem in these areas in the future you have already eliminated this as a possibility. They likely all need replacing anyway. P-90A head has hydraulic lifters.
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