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Thread: Another 5 spd transmission swap question

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    Default Another 5 spd transmission swap question

    Well, I've been away for awhile, havent worked on my car since last fall. Work, family, life allowing little time for awhile now.
    I am getting ready to get back to work and I am interested in doing a 5 spd swap. I have been searching local Craigslist ads and found an '81 with a blown head gasket and rust. Told the tranny was great when parked. I beleive this would work.

    I also found an '86 300zx non-turbo with 77K on it that they are parting out due to it being wrecked. Ive tried to search on this, is this a tranny that would work?
    Thanks in advance
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    The short answer is no because of the level of difficulty. It's been done but it does require some machine work and fabrication. You can use a 5W71C transmission with a 280z-280zx front case to fit the transmission to your L24/26/28. It would require some grinding to clear the front gears on the input and counter shafts and swapping the front counter shaft bearings. Also you'd need to put the 280Z/280ZX front case in a mill and drill out the 5th/reverse shift rod hole to 16mm from 14mm. You'd need to make a trans mount and a longer driveshaft since this trans is 2-3 inches shorter. Lots of work while the 280ZX trans is essentially a bolt in.
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