I was driving home yesterday and saw a nice 280ZX turbo car sitting in one of my neighbors driveway. I'm not sure if its a good deal or not, as she is asking "$5 or $6 thousand" for it, and I never shopped these cars or have much intrest in them. Didn't get picks of it, but here are some details I got in talking to her.

1) She is the original owner.
2) It's like a dull metalic purple or plumb color, and it looks like its been repainted at some point.
3) Cloth interior, 4 seater.
4) Manual trans.
5) Has a few small dents and scratches, nothing that would brake the deal.
6) The car runs and drives, although she says she hasen't driven it much since her soon to be X husband got her a BMW Z3 in 2005. I can vouch for that, I didn't even know the car was there.

So If anyone is intrested I can get you a phone number and some pics.