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Thread: Fuel Rail Upgrades?

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    Exclamation Fuel Rail Upgrades?

    Are there any real good ways to upgrade the fuel rail syster for a 280z?

    I was wonderinf if you could just get a fuel rail from a 2JZ motor from a toyota or from a 280zx or anything?
    Are there any good/cheap aftermarket billet rails?

    I just hate having to mess with the tiny segments of fuel hose every other week and have a new leak.

    any help is good help thanks.
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    I always thought that an extruded rail with two internal passages (send and return) with internal loop(s) would be cool to fab.

    This design woul have the send and returns side by side. You could also integrate an fpr in the rail
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    Nissan went to a solid all metal fuel rail in 1978. The only hose used in the rail is to connect the FPR, which is also a new design with only two ports instead of three, so if you find one you'll need the FPR also. It will bolt right on to any of the older 280zs. Not perfect, but simpler than the three piece design with all of the hose pieces and hose clamps.

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