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Thread: Alternator bolts

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    Default Alternator bolts

    Well, I'm sure this is a rookie mistake, but the back bolt that connects the alternator to forged piece that connect to the block vibrated out and disappeared causing the alternator to vibrate and torque, and I removed the front bolt to use a model at the parts store. I have the 8 X 25 mm bolts but... Now, I can't get either back in, as the alignment is just a bit off. So, any advice would be much appreciated.

    This is a 1975 280z manual transmission.

    Thanks very much

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    Sounds like you distorted the holes in the alternator. Start by removing the alternator to get it out of the way, and making sure the bolts still thread into the cast piece on the block. If not you'll need a tap to clean them up. You didn't break one off did ya?

    If the bolts still thread in nice, the use a drill bit to open up the holes in the alt to allow you to enough clearance to get the bolts back in

    Of course take a real close look at the alternator and make there is no damage.
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