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Thread: Engine Swap/Replace Basics???

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    Default Engine Swap/Replace Basics???


    New to the forum so if i am posting in the wrong section, please forgive me. I have done lots of homework and have been looking all through the forums to build an idea, so this isn't my first stop lol

    Really keen on finally getting a start on my Z car dream, just worried my ambitions are getting in the way.

    Local bloke here in Florida has a gutted 75 280z for 1500: generally rough in most factors, but is rust free and the body is pretty clean.

    She has no engine, just a P30 block / E88 Head... I'm confident everything else is mechanically sound with the trans, suspension etc...

    What can I expect to pay to get her back on the road? ie: Replacing the engine here in Florida.

    Please give me a ballpark figure of common turbo-engine swaps. I would like the SR20DET or something strong enough to slaughter my arch-enemy's stock 370z... but I am sure an L28 could do the job.

    Is it reliable to buy a complete engine from craigslist? Would anybody fit it if I brought it to them with my 280z?

    I see there are tons of complete engines all over craigslist for good prices, is this a good place to start?

    Will respect and appreciate your wisdom!!!

    Please don't send me to, already reading through the forums.

    Thanks !!!

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    In my opinion, $1,500.00 for a rolling shell sounds a bit high-especially for a '75. By way of example I bought a '73 last year (out here in Los Angeles) for $200.00. It has a good motor and tranny (gutted interior) and a decent body on which the floor pans were replaced.

    I pulled off some parts I need that would have cost me around $800.00 retail, and I'm reselling the car to a guy for $300.00. I could get more for the parts, but the buyer will put the car back together and drive it, so that's worth something.

    As far as the motor goes, I don't think I'd put a 4 cylinder motor into a car that will be driven on the street. Not sure there would be enough torque for stop and go driving.

    We may be spoiled out this way, but there are many options that would require less money and effort to arrive at a complete project.

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