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Thread: CR PRO/FUEL pressure regulator

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    Default CR PRO/FUEL pressure regulator

    Hi folks,
    I am a new Z owner (1972), and looking forward to refreshing/restoring this beautiful car. She currently runs OK, but could be better. I am, by no means, a great mechanic, but it appears that there are plenty of helpful folks in this forum.

    One of the previous owners of this car installed a CR PRO/FUEL adjustable pressure regulator downstream of the fuel pump, prior to the carbs. It is set on 4.5 (I assume this means 4.5 psi). I am not sure of the need for this fuel pressure regulator. I have read many complimentary comments on Z-Therapy's work in refurbishing the dual SUs, so I am planning to take that route. If the carbs are rebuilt/balanced, have any of you had the need for such a fuel pressure regulator? Should I be concerned about the fuel pump?

    I suppose I could easily remove the regulator to see how she runs. Any comments on this aftermarket piece would be appreciated.


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    Welcome! Is there an electric fuel pump somewhere? Maybe back by the fuel tank? Having a pressure regulator isn't a bad thing. I'd leave it there unless you're going for originality.

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    I would second that. It gives you adjustability if nothing else. The Ztherapy SU's are not just good, they are near art pieces. You will be thrilled with them. They run wonderfully right out of the box in most cases. I think the OEM fuel pressure for SU's is around 3.5 to 4.5, I would check out the FSM to be sure. Since you have a 72, the entire FSM is online at

    Every manual for your entire car is in there. It will help you out more than you can possibly imagine.
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