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Thread: Distributor Replacement & Timing Set --- 27mm, 8 BTDC

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    Default Distributor Replacement & Timing Set --- 27mm, 8 BTDC

    Put vehicle in neutral, set emergency brake.

    Remove skid plate from bottom of vehicle (4 x 10mm)

    Using 27mm socket and breaker bar rotate engine (big nut on front flywheel / harmonic balancer) until
    timing nick is visible. Mark with chalk line on pulley flange -- both sides.

    (Some of you young guys may still be able to see just the nick without the help of a chalkline, and can skip earlier steps)

    Remove distributor cap. Note where rotor is pointing.

    Remove electrical connector and vacuum line to distributor

    Loosen 10mm bolt securing distributor baseplate with shortie box wrench, take out using long Phillips screwdriver.

    Remove distributor. Note / remove any gunk / crud in pedestal.

    Install rotor on new distributor. Move baseplate from old distributor to new if necessary. Apply anti-seize to all steel bolts inserted into aluminum threads.

    Put several squirts of oil in distributor pedestal.

    Install new distributor, pointing rotor to location previously noted.

    Install securing bolt, leave just loose enough to be able to twist distributor. Locate it in the middle of the adjustment range on the baseplate.

    Plug vacuum line using golf-tee or other

    Re-install wiring connector to distributor.

    Re-install distributor cap w clamps

    Connect a timing light to #1 plug wire

    Start the motor and set base timing to 8 degrees (+/- 2) BTDC by rotating distributor. (FSM spec for 1980 ZX)

    Snug distributor bolt.

    Remove golf tee and re-attach vacuum advance line.

    Test drive vehicle.

    Enjoy cold refreshing beverage

    Go write it up for to save someone else having to figure out what size the front nut is or look up the timing spec.

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    Nice write-up, Wade!
    2/74 260Z

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    She felt a little subdued with the new distributor so I re-set the timing to 11 degrees BTDC tonight and took her for another spin. Felt considerably peppier than @ 8 BTDC. Spec is 8 +/- 2, so I'm only 1 degree ahead of that.

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