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    I came here to research, saw this forum and thought, it must be in here! Finding no topics at all, I may as well let you know what I am hunting. I have a set of triple Dellorto DHLA 40s with 30mm chokes, inlet manifold, and linkage. I found a nice fuel rail at Datsun Spirit. Its for a weekend street car. A 260z with a rebuilt motor, bored to 2.8 with stock cam and distributor. As research does, it leads me to a question. The question is what to do with the timing? Ive seen people say to use a 280zx distributor, disconnect the vacuum advance or block it off, send it off to be recurved, use an aftermarket system. I kinda understand you need more initial timing at idle like 15-18 with triples, and that manifold pressure drops pretty low making the vacuum advance not work properly. Im not sure what to do. I have some spare ZX distributors. Do I have someone recurve it, or is there a better alternative? What do I need to do for a good solid set up for my car?

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    Call or contact someone that builds professionally. Dave Rebello will actually talk to you on the phone himself. You seem to have a good handle on the right direction but need help technically. Good luck.
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