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Thread: ZdayZ 2013 Registration is open! May 16-19th, 2013

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    Exclamation ZdayZ 2013 Registration is open! May 16-19th, 2013

    Zdayz registration is now open!
    For those of you that don't know, ZDayz is one of the absolute best weekend Z event-it is one of my favorite Z events, rating right up there with, but it is a completely different event, centered getting some tail! Tail of the Dragon that is...a driving experience you will never forget-318 curves in 11 miles-every one meant to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline up, and your tires down right hot!
    Zdayz has: a Driving experience like no other, a car show, a Z trivia Contest, a Drag Contest, an exhaust sound off, and much much more! This is a low key event, that is full of fun, and Z cars.

    It takes place in the Blue ridge Mountains at Fontanna Resort. If you can arrange the weekend off, I bet you will have a great time, If you want to stay at the Resort, get your room fast(Call the resort 800-849-2258 and mention Zdayz-they hold a large block for us-but you actually have to ask-the online reservation system always shows no available rooms because of the block they hold for us)-they still sell out quickly-I reserved mine last year as I checked out!

    What is ZDayZ?

    ZDayZ is a southeast regional event for Datsun/Nissan Z-car, Infiniti G35/G37, and GTR enthusiasts. The main focus of ZDayZ is driving, but there are plenty of activities for all attendees. The following are examples of some of the past events we have hosted at ZDayZ:

    Car Show Drop Top Cruize Friday Dinner Bonfires TSD Rally
    Poker Run Xbox™ Time Trial Saturday Dinner Weenie Roast Best Exhaust
    Dyno Meet the Organizers Drive-in Movie Group Photo Great Nightlife
    Cra-Z Shirt Open Cooler Socials Scavenger Hunt Tech Sessions Worst Exhaust
    Thursday Concert Friday Concert Z Trivia Contest

    When is ZDayZ?

    ZDayZ takes place the weekend before Memorial Day. This year's event will be May 16-19th, 2013.

    Where is the ZDayZ event Located?

    Our host location for ZDayZ is Fontana Village Resort in the scenic NC mountains. Fontana Village is approximately 90 miles west of Asheville, NC on NC-28 near Fontana and Robbinsville, NC. The large resort grounds and proximity to Highway 129 make it the perfect spot for a sportscar meet.

    What is Deal's Gap?

    Deal's Gap is the world famous motorcycle resort at the foot of the Tail of the Dragon.

    What is Tail of the Dragon?

    Tail of the Dragon is America's number one motorcycle and sports car road with 318 curves in 11 miles

    What happens at ZDayZ?

    ZDayZ activities are arranged to attract all kind of car lovers.
    Though the primary focus is driving, other events allow attendees to show their cars, discuss mods, learn about detailing, and much much more.

    Why is the event 4 days long?

    Simply put, three days was not enough. For many people this is the biggest event all year, so we made it bigger Anything less than four days would not allow attendees to get the most out of ZDayZ activities and driving the local roads (including multiple trips along the infamous Tail of the Dragon!). Four days allows visitors to enjoy more roads and, as a positive byproduct, gives us time to organize more activities for those who want to participate in a little more than just driving!

    Is there a charge to attend?

    Yes. Information about registration can be found on our Registration page. General registration includes dinner both Friday and Saturday night as well as entry to all activities, except the car show. Registrants will also receive a free ZDayZ t-shirt. Additional shirts will be available for purchase at the event or online at time of preregistration. There is a separate entry fee for the Car Show on Saturday, but only for those who actually enter their car in the show. We make every effort to keep all ZDayZ costs low so we can pass the savings along to ZDayZ attendees. We feel you will be hard pressed to find a better value event for the total expenditure you make attending ZDayZ!

    How do I book a room or cabin for the event?

    Contact Fontana Village Resort reservations by calling 1-800-849-2258 or by visiting their website. Let them know you are booking a room for ZDayZ at Tail of the Dragon to receive our group rate discount! We anticipate completely filling Fontana Village this year, so be sure to book your room early! In the case that Fontana Village books completely please look at our Lodging page for overflow lodging in the area.

    Where can I find more information about ZDayZ?

    HERE! The ZDayZ website is one of the best sources for information on ZDayZ. If you have a specific question about ZDayZ, you may email us directly by going to our Contact page. Also you can join our Facebook Group for up to date information and feedback. Finally, the ZDayZ organizers frequent many of the Z-car forums on the web. When possible, we will post news and answer questions on those forums. You may also use your search engine and look up "ZDayZ", there is a ton of positive feedback on ZDayZ on many of the forums. YouTube is also a good place to find out what ZDayZ can offer. Most of the videos are ZDayZ attendees driving their vehicles on the roads. We do not promote unsafe driving!

    May I bring a Fairlady Roadster to ZDayZ?

    Isn't the Fairlady where it all started from? We even have separate classes for Fairladies in the ZDayZ Car Show held on Saturday. A lot of the attendees may never seen a Fairlady, so bring 'em if you have 'em.

    May I bring a G35 or G37 to ZDayZ?

    Absolutely! We consider the Infiniti G a close cousin to the Z car. We welcome G owners to participate in ZDayZ. We even have separate classes for Gs in the ZDayZ Car Show held on Saturday.

    May I bring a GT-R to ZDayZ?

    Why not! We have many friends that have either traded in their Z for a GT-R or bought one outright, these people are still part of the ZDayZ family. We even have separate classes for GT-Rs in the ZDayZ Car Show held on Saturday.

    How many people attend ZDayZ?

    • In 2012, ZDayZ attracted 750+ registered attendees and 500+ Cars
    • In 2011, ZDayZ attracted 490+ registered attendees and 328+ Cars
    • In 2010, ZDayZ attracted 460+ registered attendees and 300+ Cars
    • In 2009, ZDayZ attracted 430+ registered attendees and 300+ Cars
    • In 2008, ZDayZ attracted 300+ registered attendees and 230+ Cars
    • In 2007, ZDayZ attracted 350+ registered attendees and 250+ Cars
    • In 2006, ZDayZ attracted 400+ registered attendees and 280+ Cars
    • In 2005, ZDayZ attracted 200+ registered attendees and 150+ Cars
    • In 2004, ZDayZ attracted 100+ registered attendees and 75+ Cars

    How much does the registration cost for the entire event?

    The cost of registration is $75 for full access to all events and dinners, We are simply trying to cover our expenses for the event. We have bundled all the costs into one price for attendees. Fontana Village charges us for sunshine if it is sunny and for rain when it is raining. Seriously, we have to rent the recreation hall where we all eat, the P.A. system so that we can announce, the storage room to have the prizes delivered on site and stored, since we all own Z cars and they are so roomy on the inside. There are registration supplies to purchase, with an event of this size there are many expenses that we incur and for that we have to cover those expenses.

    What does the registration include?

    • Access to all ZDayZ activies, except car show
    • Friday Welcome Dinner
    • Car Show as an added $20 charge
    • Saturday Awards Dinner
    • Event t-shirt
    • Basically anything that includes a prize given away, if you don't register for the event, then you are not eligible to win prizes, sorry.

    Registration is not required for attendance; however, it is strongly encouraged. Almost every activity has a prize associated with it. To be eligible for a prize you must be a registered attendee. For example last year we gave away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, if you are not a registered attendee, you do not have a chance to win.

    Why does the Car Show event cost $20 to enter?

    It takes all types to build a show like ZDayZ. A large portion of our attendees enjoy the car show (each year roughly 1/4 of the cars onsite wind up in the show). Others either do not want to enter their cars or would prefer to spend that time driving the Dragon, which is fine also. So, for this activity, we prefer to have only the show participants fund the show. The entry fee helps cover car show specific items...trophies, refreshments for the car show, extra giveaways provided by ZDayZ, etc. Besides, $20 Car show, that's a bargain!, look in our a Gallery at some of the trophies we give away.

    Does ZDayZ donate to Charity?

    ZdayZ donates most of its proceeds, including the monies from raffle ticket sales, to charity each year:

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    A Z is beautiful from any angle, I just happen to prefer to view from the drivers' seat!

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    I had a couple of PMs about ZDayZ and I thought I would share a few things.

    Usually there are around 50 S30s at ZDayZ with 15 or so in the Car show.
    Last year there were S30s registered from
    North Carolina,
    South Carolina
    New Mexico

    In my pictures I found tags from:

    The Dragon is a fandamtastic and seriously addictive driving experience-318 curves and switchbacks make for what may be the most fun you can have on the open road in 11 miles. A good many of the switchbacks are so tight you just might see yourself starting the turn you are exiting! This is an experience you need to share with your Z and your Z buddies. Zdayz is like summer camp with Zcars with zbased events-exhaust sound off, Drag Racing, Dyno Competitions, Poker Runs, Tech Sessions, a car show, a Z trivia Contest, Lots of Cruizes to experience the Dragon and the Blue Ridge Parkway, The Damn Photo(get most of the cars together at Fontana Dam and take a picture), Frizbee golf tournament, lots of vendor displays, Welcome and Awards dinners, Nightly parties for everyone (from quiet dinner get togethers to College style Mahem( Fontana is spread out enough to host both without interfering with each other the lodge and restraunts are for the more mature, with the Cabins hosting the College crowd), with Raffles, Giveaways, and Bryan Settles one man comedy show spicing up every event every day!

    Starting with heating up your blood and your tires, Zdayz is about having a great time with your Z and sharing that good time with like minded people!
    I'll round up some of my pictures in the next week or so and post them as well
    A Z is beautiful from any angle, I just happen to prefer to view from the drivers' seat!

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    If there are any Trophy hounds in the crowd, ZdayZ is having a judged car show, with only 10 participants allowed in each class-BUT the S30 and S130 classes are very sparsely populated-you might have good chance to win a trophy! as of 10:30amest 2/22/13 the entrants and open spots were:

    S30 Stock
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    1001 Steve Evenson 195 1978 280Z Stock
    1002 Asby Fulmer 353 1972 240Z Stock
    1003 Stock
    1004 Stock
    1005 Stock
    1006 Stock
    1007 Stock
    1008 Stock
    1009 Stock
    1010 Stock
    S30 Mild
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    1101 David Lamb 100 1975 260Z Mild
    1102 Asby Fulmer 187 1972 240Z Mild
    1103 Steve Waller 291 1973 240Z Mild
    1104 Mild
    1105 Mild
    1106 Mild
    1107 Mild
    1108 Mild
    1109 Mild
    1110 Mild
    S30 Wild
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    1201 Herman Carrick 257 1976 280Z Competition Wild
    1202 Andy Kyrk 277 1973 240Z Competition Wild
    1203 Walter Halbig 305 1970 240Z Wild
    1204 Wild
    1205 Wild
    1206 Wild
    1207 Wild
    1208 Wild
    1209 Wild
    1210 Wild
    S130 Stock
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    2001 Mona Lamb 101 1979 280ZX Stock
    2002 Asby Fulmer 354 1980 280ZX Stock
    2003 280ZX Stock
    2004 280ZX Stock
    2005 280ZX Stock
    2006 280ZX Stock
    2007 280ZX Stock
    2008 280ZX Stock
    2009 280ZX Stock
    2010 280ZX Stock
    S130 Mild
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    2101 Michael Carter 67 1982 280ZX Mild
    2102 Keyda Harrison 208 1982 280ZX Mild
    2103 Mick Wildin 246 1981 280ZX Mild
    2104 280ZX Mild
    2105 280ZX Mild
    2106 280ZX Mild
    2107 280ZX Mild
    2108 280ZX Mild
    2109 280ZX Mild
    2110 280ZX Mild
    S130 Wild
    Class # First Name Last Name Registration Year Model Class
    2201 Stephen Dillard 151 1979 280ZXR Competition Wild
    2202 280ZX Wild
    2203 280ZX Wild
    2204 280ZX Wild
    2205 280ZX Wild
    2206 280ZX Wild
    2207 280ZX Wild
    2208 280ZX Wild
    2209 280ZX Wild
    2210 280ZX Wild
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    A Z is beautiful from any angle, I just happen to prefer to view from the drivers' seat!

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