I'd like to announce that Silver Mine Motors has begun selling 5 lug stub axles for the S30 chasis. These are stock modified 280Z 27 spline stub axles and companion flanges. They will fit on any 1969-1978 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z. The companion flange will bolt directly to your stock R180 or R200 differential axle. They are re-drilled to a 5x114.3 (5x4.5 in.) bolt pattern, using precision CNC machine. They are professionally cleaned in a acid bath so they look brand new. They are a popular upgrade because they allow you to be able to use new style wheels. They will not change the geometry of your car at all. Stock drum brake will work if you re-drill the hat, and all our brake kits will fit as long as the rotor is the same bolt pattern. send us your stub axles and cores and save $150

to order go to:
5 Lug Hub Stub Axles for 240Z, 260Z, 280Z